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In every step of creating your website, we follow standards and methods that make your website robust--both now and in the future.

html code

Zeal Solutions follows rigid guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium that make your website

  • load faster,
  • display better on a wide range of computers and browsers, and
  • compatible with browsers that will be released in the future.

database design

In designing a database, we know how important your data is to you. We create database designs that

  • protect your data from corruption,
  • normalize data, keeping your database easily manageable, and
  • grow with your data volume and complexity.

system design

Many websites are much more complex than just a simple database. For these, we are experienced in creating web software systems that

  • keep your data secure,
  • make your data easy to analyze, and
  • can give you new insights into your business.

See examples of our work in the portfolio.